Inspiration & Innovation from Scandinavia


We are developing business utilizing the network in Scandinavia (Nordic Countries).  Our associates are located in Stockholm the capital of Sweden and in the Dalarna region of the middle area which is named as the heart of Sweden.


We are working on problem solving through human resources, know-how, business exchange and cooperation by focusing on the Nordic models and the Northern European social model.  We are engaged with an exchanges and alliances of field such as nursing care welfare, human resource development, education, regional revitalization, and sustainable community-building.


Our resent practice overview of the business are shown as below, however depending on the needs of our customers, we also provide the business of Taylor-made, so please contact us.








Consulting of Nordic marketing research, Promising products and Service development.

Consulting of business incubation, matching and alliance etc.

Planning and arranging theme trips

By collaboration with the travel agencies, we are planning and arranging the following theme tours.  

Examples of theme trips and survey tours conducted so far;

Entrepreneurial exchanges, business negotiations, care welfare, child rearing support, early childhood education,

special education, gender equality society, multicultural coexistence society, Scandinavian design, energy situation,

environment sustainable community, various fair visits etc.

Planning, Producing and Managing of Nordic related seminars, lectures, events, etc. in Japan. 

Example; "Sweden Dalarna Craft Art Exhibition" held in Numazu City of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Planning, Producing and Managing of Nordic related seminars, lectures, events, etc. in Scandinavia. 

Example; "Designing and collaborating Japanese style" workshop held Leksands Entrepreneurial College in Sweden.