Entreprenorskolan College

Leksands Entreprenörskolan College is the practical educational type that is located in the scenic Dalarna region of the major Leksands city which is named as the heart of Sweden.


Students ages up to senior citizens as well as young people with the wide ranging in career.  And the education field covers a wide range of crafts, IT, design, fashion, travel, dining out, art, social entrepreneurship, etc.


Swedish global companies IKEA, H&M, CLAS OHLSON etc. and economic organizations such as the chambers of commerce and industry are supporting.  It is a very unique symbolizing university of Sweden which represents a multi-track society where life can be redone over and over again. 

Support and activate a wide range of exchanges among entrepreneurs.


The above picture is Mr. Lasse Nygard the rector of the Entreprenörskolan College in Leksand (at the time) and our President Kobayashi confirmed to the exchange partnership more actively which became an article of the local newspaper report (Dalarnas Tidningar newspaper).


We are holding a workshop at Leksands Entreprenörskolan College, and are dispatching of Scandinavian Incubation tour and an entrepreneurial exchange between the two countries is getting stronger.

Education officials from Sweden visited Japan.


We exchanged views on human resource development, educational support, early childhood education, etc.

Sweden's great presence in international society is largely attributable to its large human resources.

The philosophy of treating the human possibility and diversity is a source of international competitiveness.